Flat Roofs vs Pitched Roofs, What Are The Benefits of Both?

The fundamental design of a roof can affect the aesthetic, value, and function of your property in different ways. During the roofing process, deciding whether to go for pitched roofing or flat roofing tends to be hard. 

The former is a classic, but the flat roofing design has experienced in modern house design. Each roofing design has its advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits Of A Flat Roof

The major reason why flat roofs are the most preferred in modern design is the time taken to complete the roofing process. Flat roofs are constructed in very short times, as compared to pitched roofs.

They help homeowners to save a great deal of money by cutting contractor costs and avoiding paying rent in a temporary location to stay during the period of construction. Moreover, flat roofs require only a few materials, thus giving them a cost advantage.

Flat roofs consume less headroom than pitched roofs would. This makes them very suitable if you want to turn your garage or build an extension. They do not have the exact level of drainage as those of pitched roofs, but they are designed ingeniously to prevent water from pooling.

On the other hand, flat roofs require frequent maintenance so as to keep them in an optimal state, which increases the day-to-day costs. Also, they have shorter longevity than pitched roofs.

Benefits Of A Pitched Roof

The main reason why many people opt for pitched roofing is its longevity. Pitched roofs use high-quality materials during construction, and that is why they will easily outlive flat roofs. They require minimal maintenance as well, and this can be attributed to the sloping sides that drain away water.

Pitched roofs can accommodate high ceilings, thus maximising the building’s space. As a result, in the long run, pitched roofing can end up being cost-effective. Pitched roofs have a classic look and feel, and therefore will affect the building’s future selling price.

Whatever roofing style you choose, you will have to seek the services of professional roofers so as to maximize the efficiency, performance and design of the roof. Brunel Roofing provides exactly that.

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